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Classes and Workshops

​Drawing classes, all skill levels, age 5 and up

If you are not ready yet for oil painting, I am available for private classes in drawing and pre-oil painting instruction.  These classes will prepare you to begin to paint in oils, if that is your goal.  These classes are ideal for younger students still in school, as I am happy to hold them in your home at your convenience, such as after school. 


One student: $30 per 1-hour session. -Individual attention given.
Groups: $20 each per 1-hour session. Small group attention given. (2-4 students)

Oil painting classes, all skill levels age 15 and up

Individual classes are held at your home, scheduled at your convenience. For group classes, come as it is convenient for you, paying when you come -no pressure attend, or to pay large tuition in advance. Group classes are currently held at (TBA)


One student: $40 for a 2-hour session. -Individual attention given.

Groups: $30 each for a 2-hour session. Small group attention given (2-6 students)


NOTE: travel fee of $20 per session added at 40 miles or more from Pueblo, CO. 

First lesson: all materials are provided. Then, here is your materials list (let me know if you need help)
Easel (any kind will do)
Substrates (canvases, boards, etc)
Oil paints:  basic sets are fine.  Or build a set from red, blue, yellow, black, & white.
Vehicle: linseed oil, mineral spirits, etc.
Brushes:  I like filberts, rounds, & liners.
Cloths, tissue paper, paper towels.
Palettes, pencils, erasers, etc.
Photos or models of what you'd like to paint (please: no sexually or violently explicit imagery)































One-time art workshops at your place...

I've held workshops in schools and churches for many years in art basics, crafts, painting, and other artistic pursuits, for very reasonable fees.  Contact me to have me visit your school or church.

NOTE: travel fee of $20 per session apply at 40 miles or more from Pueblo, CO.




...Or join us for special art events at my place!
I'm blessed to live in "a painting."  That's right, the area that houses my studio is prime property for plein air painting. Watch here for updates on student and artist workshops and invitations in this lovely setting. For example, registration for one-day student workshops ($50 suggested studio donation) will include a qualified instructor and lunch.  Limit 10 students.

For more information on any of these classes, please contact me.

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